Minor damages like one or two of missing shingles can usually be addressed with repairs. Significant damage from severe weather events may necessitate a full replacement. Roof damage can strike unexpectedly, leaving homeowners with the crucial decision: opt for small repairs or invest in a complete roof replacement. To make the best choice for your home, it’s essential to seek guidance from a local roofing contractor who can perform a thorough inspection and provide expert recommendations.

If only a small portion or a few shingles in an isolated area are damaged, a repair may be the perfect fix. Damaged, torn, or missing shingles can be removed and replaced by an experienced roofing contractor.

If the damage to your roof is more significant than one or two shingles, but still confined to one side or area of the roof, you may opt for a partial replacement.  Partial replacement will cost less than a full replacement. 

However, making repairs is like putting a band-aid on a would. It may stop the problem temporarily, but eventually, you will need a proper replacement. Repairs only contribute to fixing a small area, which does not add to the overall life span of the roof.  

Another difficulty with making repairs is color-matching the old shingles with new ones. Even if you have shingles left over from the initial installation, fading occurs and may take away from the curb appeal of your home.

You should get a new roof when your home has experienced significant damage, has persistent leaks, is missing several shingles, or is reaching the end of its life expectancy. While a brand-new roof may seem more expensive initially, it may save you money in the long run. A new roof will have enhanced aesthetics, better curb appeal, increased energy efficiency, and will offer you peace of mind knowing that your home is keeping you and your family safe. For more signs you need a roof replacement read our blog post “ BLOG LINK”

If you have found yourself asking “Should I repair or replace my roof?” and need guidance, call the team at D&G Roofing and Restoration. We understand that choosing between repairs and replacements can feel like a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help! Our team offers free inspections, and expert recommendations, for you and your family’s specific needs. Whether you are facing a minor repair or a major overhaul D&G Roofing and Restoration has you covered.

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“So very happy with the great service and workmanship from this company!  What started out as a repair, turned over major issues under the roof.  Gerri, Duane and Dustin all handled it very professionally, advising us every step of the way, treating both our home and our wallets as they would their own.  We felt advised, but not pushed and they went completely out of their way to make sure we didn’t get financially crushed by a problem created by the original homeowner.  Mike &  Michelle were the original repair crew and they were outstanding handling all the issues with us that cropped up.  The new roof team had our work done fast and efficiently, working all day into the evening to get us finished up!  I would strongly recommend D&G for not only quality work but compassion in difficult situations!  Thank you so much!” Tracey B. 

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