While siding may not be at the top of your home improvement agenda it is important to maintain to ensure your home is protected against the elements Siding insulates your home to protect you and your family from extreme heat and cold, inclement weather, debris, and pests. Keeping up with regular maintenance and repairs can help to improve your home’s energy efficiency, curb appeal, and integrity of your home. 

The exterior of your home generally needs to be replaced every 20-40 years depending on materials and the climate in which the house is located. If you avoid fixing the siding on your home, you may encounter costly structural damage and major repairs later.

D&G Roofing and Restoration has all of your exterior home solutions. James Hardie siding is durable, weatherproof, and pest resistant. Hardie siding products come with an industry-leading 30-year warranty so you can be confident in investing.

  • Buckled, cracked, sagging, or warped
  • Discolored/chalky looking
  • Requiring excessive siding maintenance
  • Loosing or missing pieces
  • Rotting
  • Causing paint to peel inside your home 

It may be time to replace it. 

There are several reasons that your siding may show signs of wear and tear such as poor installation, low-quality products, old age, and weather conditions. Any one of these things can cause your siding to fail leading to water entering your home and causing a whirlwind of issues. 

Discoloration happens to vinyl through a process called oxidation, along with the build-up of dirt and grime. It is important to take care of oxidation early on. One way to clean your home’s exterior is to make a solution of 5 parts water to 1 cup of vinegar. Then use a soft bristled brush to apply the solution to your siding. Lastly, rinse each area before the solution dries. 

A more permanent solution to this problem is to invest in James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. James Hardie ColorPlus Technology is a baked-on color that resists fading and keeps your house looking fresh with little to no maintenance. 

To keep your siding looking new you should clean it regularly and check for signs of wear and tear. If you notice issues, address them quickly to avoid more serious problems in the future. If you frequently have to clean off mold, fill in holes, or repair pieces, it is time to think about an inspection by a professional from D&G Roofing and Restoration. 

If you are finding loose and/or missing pieces, they need to be fixed immediately to ensure water damage does not occur within your home. Repairing water damage inside your home along with fixing the siding can be costly. Addressing siding issues when you first notice will save you money and headaches. Replacing now will also help protect your home from wind damage caused by storms. 

Rotted siding on your home can become a hotspot for a variety of critters such as termites, and rodents. The exterior of your home can become rotted due to negligence, pests, weather conditions, and old age. Worn, cracked, and rotted siding allows moisture to enter your home causing further damage. 

Most paint-peeling issues happen because moisture has gotten between the paint layer and the surface. This could be linked to your home not doing its job properly on the outside, allowing water to reach the interior of your home. 

If your home has these problems, you should start thinking of how to address them. While some issues may seem small now, the actual number of issues under the surface may exceed what meets the eye. Small repairs, like filling a small hole with putty can typically be done by the homeowner. However, large repairs or a full replacement may be better handled by an industry professional. If you need help understanding how extensive the damage to your home is, call D&G Roofing and Restoration to have a professional inspect your home for possible damage for NO CHARGE. 

Are you ready for a replacement? D&G Roofing and Restoration suggests James Hardie, the innovator of the world’s highest-performance fiber cement siding. Unlike wood siding, the paint color is baked on during production to prevent paint chips, streaks, or color-matching issues. This siding is 100 times thicker, and more impact and melt-resistant when compared to leading vinyl siding brands. Fiber cement siding is also non-combustible, meaning in the event of a fire it will not act as fuel, minimizing the damage done to your home.

The exterior of your home is the first barrier against the elements. When you commit to James Hardie you also commit to cost savings, color that lasts, great warranties, climate specificity, lower insurance, and fire protection. 

With a wide variety of color choices and siding that is manufactured specifically for the climate you live in to withstand the unique weather conditions of your home, you can’t go wrong with choosing James Hardie. Over 8 million homes worldwide have trusted James Hardie products. 

Invest in longevity and peace of mind by contacting D&G Roofing and Restoration to install your choice of James Hardie Products

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