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Roofing Replacement & Repairs

D&G Roofing has completed replacement and repairs in the Trotwood area. Give us a call today for a free, no-hassle estimate. Check out the neighborhood list, photos and installation map below.

Our Services in Trotwood, Ohio include Roofing, Siding, Windows, Gutters, Doors and Commercial Work


Whether you’re in need of roof repairs, replacements, or new installations, we have the expertise and skills to deliver exceptional results that stand the test of time in Trotwood. From scorching summers to harsh winter storms, at D&G Roofing and Restoration our durable and reliable roofing options ensure that your property remains protected year-round.

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Protecting your home from the elements and enhancing its aesthetic appeal through durable and stylish siding is a priority in Trotwood. Choose D&G Roofing and Restoration for expert solutions.

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Achieving the perfect balance between style, functionality, and energy efficiency in your windows is paramount in Trotwood.

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With years of experience serving Trotwood, at D&G Roofing and Restoration, we understand the importance of gutters that effectively manage rainwater runoff and withstand the elements for long-term durability.

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Homeowners and businesses in Trotwood prioritize doors for their properties, focusing on security, durability, and style. Contact D&G Roofing and Restoration today.

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Whether your business in Trotwood necessitates roof repairs, replacements, or fresh installations, our adept professionals are equipped to manage projects of any scale or intricacy. Contact D&G Roofing and Restoration today.

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Roofing Repairs

Whether your roof in Trotwood has been affected by leaks, storm damage, or general deterioration, our team of skilled professionals at D&G Roofing and Restoration are equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently diagnose and resolve any issues.

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Trotwood homeowners can rely on D&G Roofing and Restoration to provide flexible financing solutions for roofing and repair services, ensuring quality craftsmanship without financial strain.

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Free Quotes and Inspections

Trotwood homeowners and businesses can rely on D&G Roofing and Restoration for complimentary roof inspections and quotes. Our experienced team will assess your roof’s condition and provide recommendations for maintenance or repairs. Schedule your free inspection today and ensure the continued safety of your property.

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